23 Amazing Metallic Furniture Makeovers

23 amazing metallic furniture makeovers 00003

If you know me, you might already know that I am not a fan of chalk paint. No farm house style for this girl. I’ll take all shine and all bling all of the time. I have a thing for metallic furniture. There is something about the shiny reflective finish that just pulls me in. Modern Masters makes a beautiful line of shimmer paint that looks fabulous when applied the right way to your furniture. I started this project in the usual fashion by cleaning and sanding any areas that are rough. Especially with this piece because of the metallic that I have planned on using. Metallics are not forgiving with a lumpy bumpy finish.

It needs to be super smooth for the gold dipped look so I took my time with it. This may come as a shock to you, but I painted this dresser with a paintbrush. Looks like a sprayed finish, right? I promise you, you can paint metallic paint with a paintbrush. This style has been around for quite a few years, and I have been pinning images of these pieces for a couple of years.

And based on what I’m seeing in stores, it seems to be making a bit of a comeback, or maybe it just never left? I truly missed ya’ll last week, but it was nice to unplug and just be present for the holidays. I am refreshed and SO ready to see what we can get into in this brand new year ahead! So, now I feel like it’s time to take the leap and start working on some pieces. But before I do that, I am going to gather up all of my inspiration here. This always ramps me up to start working on a new piece.