25 Flowers and Garden Bins

25 flowers and garden bins 00018

I already had all these pieces in my stash so it was easy peasy to throw together. I can not express to you how much C loved this sensory bin! He truthfully has not been into many of the sensory bins I’ve made. I typically get far more excited about them then he does. He played with this one for at least an hour the first time I presented it. Mind you that wasn’t an hour all by himself. He played by himself for a while and then wanted me to garden with him so I did.

Find all the simply beautiful farmhouse primitive accents offered here at the Quilt Shop by visiting home decor. Spring has officially sprung where we live! It has been so refreshing after a very long, cold winter. My daughter is almost five and we have been trying to fit in working on rhyming words every chance we get. He got far more learning out of this little flower garden sensory bin than I had imagined he would. It was fun watching him think up different ways to play with it.

I forgot how much I love making sensory bins for the kids. I actually haven’t done one in quite some time. Plant flowers in this bin to set on your porch or use it to store items on the floor of your home in a stylish way! We also carry this in a medium and large size. This Flower Garden Rhyming Words Sensory Bin is sure to get your kiddos excited about practicing rhyming words! He discovered that many of the flowers had a matching pot in the same color which enabled him to do a little color matching.