25 Stress-Free Dinners That Come Together In 30 Minutes

25 stress free dinners that come together in 30 minutes 00020

Need more easy eats? Try these slow-cooker chicken dinners. When you think of COMFORT FOOD what do you think of? For me, it’s Chicken and Noodles – whenever we had colds or were feeling under the weather Mom made us this DELICIOUS recipe. What I love most about this meal is that the simple 3 ingredients last forever, so you can always have them in stock and ready to pop in the oven on busy dinner nights. It’s also just as good eaten left over the next day! My daughter loves it packed in her school lunch.

It’s the perfect comfort food recipe because it’s simple to throw together if you’re not up for being in the kitchen and it’s a warm and easy meal on sick bodies. This was a great dish to make for the sickies in our house. You don’t have to drop major dough to make something delicious for dinner—save money by choosing cheaper proteins like chicken, ground beef, and tilapia, or going veg-friendly with bean-based meals. Whatever your style, these delish meals will please your entire fam without breaking the bank in the process.

Another suggestion that I have is to double your recipe when you make it, then you can freeze one batch to have on hand those days that you don’t feel like you can spend much time in the kitchen because you are feeling under the weather or if you’re in a hurry and need a quick meal to throw in. Baking the ravioli definitely gives it a much richer flavor. This quick and easy recipe will soon be a family favorite! The sauce bakes up nice and thick, and the browned cheese adds that extra touch. So if your kids are like mine just take them out.