26 Inspiring DIY Farmhouse Home Decorating Idea

26 inspiring diy farmhouse home decorating idea 00013

Yes, I could have put it back and change my mantel, but I just kept finding different pieces to put up there instead. While the trend is rising, you might be wondering if you should join this popular style. The important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not trying to copy a specific look. Install industrial-style, simple overhead lighting.

I’m telling you, there are so many amazing DIY projects that will only cost you your time! Find some chicken wire or metal ceiling tiles to add into a vignette, even if you don’t physically install them. It’s that wall with the tobacco basket hanging on it. I actually love this look, but then I put a tobacco basket on my mantel and thought it was a little overboard having two so close. So, I took it down and haven’t found a piece I liked on it since.

It’s really about capturing the farmhouse feeling. Farmhouse decor sometimes is just too expensive and that’s probably what holds you back from picking the decoration for your home. Then I put up a huge white round tobacco basket. To decorate your home in classic Farmhouse Décor, you don’t have to feel guilty about spending your hard-earned money at Hobby Lobby or your local home décor store!