Excel Vba Active Worksheet Rename

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Image Result For Excel Vba Active Worksheet Rename

Image Result For Excel Vba Active Worksheet Rename

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    Re Rename Active Worksheet See also Add Worksheets Adding worksheets to Excel is very simple. For example, to add a Worksheet after the active sheet default unless stated otherwise , name it “MySheet” and have it become the active sheet, you would use some code like shown here..

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    using VBA to rename active sheet. Discussion in ‘Microsoft Excel Programming’ started by Guest, ..

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    Re rename active sheet without specifiying name Andrew I have a very similar question When the code below copies to the destination folder the hyperlinks seem to be gone .

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    I want to ask about rename the excel sheet, i want to rename the sheet with new name older name _v. So if my current sheet name is test, then I want the new name test_v I only know the standard vba for rename excel sheet which is renaming excel sheet by the sheet content..