26+ How To Create The Perfectly Organized Pantry

26+ how to create the perfectly organized pantry 00021

This project is one of my favorite home projects to date. You know why? Because of the dramatic results it produced. You probably know it but it is worth remembering: the size of the centerpiece must be proportional to the size of the table. Too big, we will only see him and give the impression of being cramped. Too small, it will go unnoticed and will not fulfill its function of filling the void in the middle. Our pantry went from chaotic and not functioning well for our family to one that is clutter free, pretty, and perfectly functional. This transformation has now ignited my desire to tackle other “eye sores” and poorly organized spaces down the road because of the difference it makes in our day-to-day life.

It is important to think through functionality when selecting the best storage solutions for your pantry. Think: No glass containers for kid’s foods, easy-to-reach-in baskets for grab-and-go items and airtight storage to ensure freshness. Organizing has been my number one thing that I love. Seeing everything all together and organized, doesn’t it inspired you to organize also? I’ve done several pantry makeovers now and you know I love a good DIY project more than most. Nothing makes me more giddy than when a great DIY project meets pretty, functional organization!

I have finally nailed down a full proof method on how to organize a pantry. My recent pantry makeover has seriously made me SO happy! I am loving it all and it functions approximately one million times better than before. Check out these amazing pantry organization hacks that can get your pantry organized so you stop having to look at pictures and instead can just take a peek at your own. If you exchange a box for a storage container, make sure you don’t discard the cooking instructions or expiration date. Use a chalk pen and add these items to the back or bottom of the container!